Getting in a Huff


Not our words, but just three of the words that the Huffington Post used to describe Melt, Simon’s study of icebergs off the coast of Newfoundland. It’s a really lovely write up, but don’t take our word for it, you can see for yourself here.

And, if you’ve not seen them yet, here’s a hint of what you’ve been missing…

And there’s more of this right here.

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Icebergs spotted in Melbourne!

Forget the recent, record-breaking heatwave, a cold front is moving in to Melbourne from February as the Edmund Pearce gallery becomes the latest to host Simon’s Melt exhibition. It runs from February 5 to March 1 with the opening night on Feb 6 if you happen to be in the area.

And while we’ve got your attention, it’s as good a chance as any to remind you all that POOL Collective issue 05 is at the iTunes store now and waiting for you to download it for free! Simon has a grand total of three projects featured: an interview with and portrait of award-winning artist Brigita Ozolins, a piece on founder of the Antangonist Art Movement, Ethan H. Minsker, and a new collection, White Cube which reprises themes integral to his past work and pushes them forwards, relentlessly exploring new paths…

Something we’ll no doubt come back to later.

Keep checking back for more exciting news and exclusive sneak peeks.

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We love Lucie! And Lucy!

The Lucie Awards are a pretty prestigious affair, now into their 11th year and celebrating the very best in international photography. So it’s with no little amount of pride that we can report that Simon has been nominated for one this year for his work on the print campaign for Canon’s Inspired series.

It’s a proper hold-your- breath moment, though that’s probably not advisable as the ceremony (at Carnegie Hall no less!) isn’t until 27th October. Don’t worry – we’ll keep you updated.

And from one Lucie to another. Well, Lucy at any rate. Simon was lucky enough to be interviewed by the really rather lovely Lucy Zelic when he made an appearance on live TV just the other day. The producers of SBS’s show, Thursday FC, invited him on to talk about The Beautiful Game and, while the awards do is an invite only affair, we can all catch up with what happened at the SBS studios here.

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An opening goal!

Simon’s exhibition, The Beautiful Game, had its opening night at the Black Eye Gallery on 3 October. It was an amazing night, packed to the rafters and opened by Australian football legend and former Chelsea ‘keeper Mark Bosnich.

There was a lot of love in the room, as well as laughter and tears, and that was just in Simon’s speech. For those of you on Facebook, visit the POOL page for loads of photos capturing the excitement of the night, For those of you late adopters yet to pop your Facebook cherry, we’ve lovingly posted a few of the best bits below.

And special thanks to the boys at Diageo, owners of Bulleit, who came up with the really rather special ‘Special One’ drink especially for this special night. Weird word when you say it a lot isn’t it?

A very special one that helped things get off to a great start.

Everyone’s a critic!

Three men, one haircut… Simon’s son, Declan, joins goalkeeping legend Mark Bosnich and the man of the hour, Simon Harsent.

What a night!

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An inspiring creation

A while ago, we posted about Simon’s involvment in this ad for Canon. Shooting the stills was a wonderful job and it was a great team to be a part of. And now it seems that the team has gone on to WIN A BLOODY EMMY! Huge congratulations to everyone involved. The icing on the cake of a wonderful campaign.

And for those of you who like to see Simon really earning his keep, here’s THAT shot again…

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To Russia with love

From the Ilulissat Icefjord to the East Coast of Newfoundland… and now to Russia, the iceberg’s journey continues.

Melt is to form part of the celebrated Russian festival, PhotoVisa, in an exhibition called Fables of Change, which has been curated by the inspirational Alasdair Foster, founding director of Fotofeis and former director of the Australian Centre for Photography.

It’s a huge honour and very, very exciting – it all happens in October and Noveber at the Krasnodar Institute of Contemporary Art (KISI).

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Getting ready for kick-off

The squad has been picked and the formation chosen as Simon prepares for the opening night of his Beautiful Game exhibition at The Black Eye Gallery in Sydney. The ongoing project, which combines his two biggest passions – football and trespassing – has already received some pretty impressive coverage (if we do say so ourselves) and was featured in British broadsheet the Guardian.

It all kicks off on Thursday 3rd October with the opening reception and Simon will, of course, be there. As we hope you will, too.

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Seamus Heaney 1939-2013

It is with great sadness that we hear of the death of the celebrated poet and Nobel Prize winner Seamus Heaney earlier today, 30 August 2013.

Our thoughts go out to his family.

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Simon’s ArenA tour

Putting himself in serious contention for the ‘most travelled Chelsea fan’ award (if such a thing existed), Simon left New York with hope in his heart and a song about celery on his lips. Destination? The Amsterdam Arena. The occasion? The Europa Cup final.

Chelsea took on Benfica in the capital of the Netherlands and won. Won big. But Benfica weren’t the only losers, oh no – Simon’s detox took one hell of a beating. Beer and kebabs aside though, it was one hell of a way to end the football year, and gives us another chance to show off the photographic fruits of Simon’s passion as picked up by the Guardian earlier this year.

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Focussing on the big stuff

Remember Simon’s guide dog commercials? We featured them way back in October of last year here.
There was a print campaign as well, featuring images that interpreted the world through the eyes of the visually impaired. It was bold, arresting, eye-opening stuff and, clearly, we weren’t the only ones to see it that way as it features in this year’s PDN Photo Annual.

For those of you who can’t get your hands on a copy, the campaign is featured below.

You’re welcome.

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