A lasting legacy

For those of you who don’t know (and that could run to everyone outside Australia) Legacy Week is Australia’s annual national appeal to raise awareness of and funds for the families of deceased veterans. It’s been carrying on its good work since 1942 and, this year, Simon’s been honoured to be on board, shooting the print campaign and directing the 30-second commercial.

Part of Legacy Week is badge day, where badges are given as a token of appreciation for a donation. This year however, the badges are mp3 players complete with headphones and feature songs dedicated to the memory of Australians who have given their lives in service. For any British readers out there, it might help to think of it as Poppy Appeal with really kick-ass, interactive poppies. Then again, it might not.

We know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking, ‘Wow, those shots look great. If only we could see the commercial as well, that would be amazing. But we don’t live in Australia, so we probably never will.’

Fear not, we’re one step ahead of you… just click on the link below


It’s a complicated concept, but one that has been made to appear beautifully simple through its execution, so big congratulations to all those involved. And they are:

Agency Droga5
Executive Creative Director: Duncan Marshall
Creative Director: Steve Jackson
Senior Art Director: Andy Fergusson
Senior Writer: Chris Berents
Creative Technologist: Andrew Knott
Producer: Anthony Martin
Business directors: Dannika Coleman, Naren Sanghrajka
Director: Simon Harsent
Photography: Simon Harsent
Digital Production: Pollen
Media agency: OMD
PR agency: Pulse Communications

A more fitting tribute we can’t imagine.

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